basic criteria
Invalidates a person's opinions
Unwilling to give up conversation subject control
People who pry

Texts in broken sentences
Talks formally unless close
Opens up slowly unless close/wants to be close

"but all I ever wanna talk about is you"

Feb 14 | Cavetown

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heart attackCavetown
Feb 14Cavetown
SixSleeping At Last
TwoSleeping At Last
ProblematicBoyWith Uke
i need to be alone.girl in red
Fight or FlightConan Gray
I Deserve to BleedSushi Soucy
I / Me / MyselfWill Wood
Jubilee LineWilbur Soot
Amygdala's Rag DollGhost and Pals

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It’s a sunny day outside. The same tall buildings block the view of the sky from this window. . . continue?

Mmmmph... It’s too bright outside.. WAIT IT’S SUNRISE! I need to hurry. . . continue?

I’d like to think I’m a patient person. Well, more patient than most at least. . . continue?